Pune Trip #2

After a rather sleepless night, thanks to an annoying bunch of mosquitoes, I got up 15 minutes before my alarm was to go off. Usually on a school night, I’d only get up after, and only after I hear my alarm ring. But today I was excited and extremely eager to get out of dorm because of the trip that lay ahead of me.

About a week ago I was shortlisted by a media firm to meet their editor today. The second I was told the interview was happening in Pune, I had decided to make it a bike trip. Having ridden to Pune once before, I knew the route I was to take. But that didn’t seem to stop me from constantly looking up the route on Google maps and checking the various areas through which I would pass by during my lectures in college. I was constantly updating my checklist to make sure I had everything I needed for the ride. Needless to say I was quite excited.


After I got ready to leave, I wasted a good amount of time this morning waiting for the guard of the dorm to open the main door, who had apparently wandered off onto the roof to check the water in the tanks. By 6:30 I got on my bike and headed toward Thane. Riding flyover after flyover, I saw the sun rising on my right and noticed the rays peering through the clouds. The desire to stop and take a picture subsided as I looked at my watch and wondered if I would make it in time for my interview.

It was somewhere near Panvel that I got onto this godforsaken road that was filled with potholes and countless speed breakers (which I thought was quite redundant considering the number of potholes there were). Bringing my average down by a considerable margin, I realized once I hit nicer roads, I’d need to keep my hand firm on that throttle. And so I did. At a constant speed of 75-80 kilometers per hour, and occasionally touching 100 km/h I managed to get through a major chunk of the trip in a short amount of time. As I was riding I started to notice the smell of burning clutch plates in the air and before I knew it I was at Lonavala. With not much traffic I was able to take the bends head on and rather greedily I should add, as I swaying onto the other side of the road quite a bit.

The ride from there to Dehu road was pretty uneventful, except for your autos and buses that try to crossover to the opposing lane. After getting to Dehu road I assumed I wouldn’t take more than 40 minutes to get to Kondhwa as the road was fairly straightforward. However, taking one flyover after another I didn’t realize and missed my turn. I was headed toward Satara before I thought of asking a local, who told me that I needed to take a U-turn get to Katraj road. At this point Google was acting up and giving me three different directions. Having buckled under the pressure of not being able to decide which route to take, I resorted to asking another biker who happened to be going in the same direction.


After following him for about 20 minutes, he lifted his hand and pointed his finger forward, signaling me to go on straight as he headed down another path. And it was not long after that that I found myself sitting on a desk writing this piece.


P.S — The pictures in the articles are from my journey back to Bombay

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